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Coloradans for Coloradans is a statewide, bipartisan organization formed to work for the defeat of Amendment 69 – the costly, untested and risky government run health care plan that would double the size of state government. We come from across the state, from different backgrounds and different political perspectives. Some of us believe in a government run system for our nation while others are committed to improving our existing market-based system.   We are united in our deep belief that Amendment 69 is wrong for Colorado.

Under Amendment 69, ALL Coloradans will lose their current benefit plan, to be replaced by benefits yet to be determined, to be serviced by an entity yet to be identified, to include providers yet to be named.

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About Us

Coloradans for Coloradans is a bi-partisan, statewide organization that represents Coloradans from every industry and corner of our state who share a commitment to moving our state forward. We promote solutions that are by Coloradans and for Coloradans that lead to a stronger state.

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